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Computable General Equilibrium Regional Saudi Inclusive Wealth Model


Inclusive Wealth stands out as potential guiding metric for the KSA to use to evaluate policy and programs to achieve Vision2030 in a sustainable manner. While putting an emphasis on water resources, the project seeks to answer the following key research questions:

-To what extent is the Inclusive Wealth (IW) assessment of KSA previously performed by the U.N. in 2012 and 2014 accurate and where are the largest uncertainties?

- What is the regional distribution of Inclusive Wealth in the Kingdom and how can transformations of one form of capital to another and inter-regional transfers best be represented using CGER/GIS?

- What is the role of Solar Desalination, Renewable Energy, and Agriculture in enhancing the IW of Saudi Arabia by 2050?

- In light of national level development policies and uncertain natural capital (water and oil) what are sustainable water resources investment plans for the metropolitan Riyadh region?

The project provides a tool that can model future produced and human capital growth and the depletion of natural capital (eg, oil, water, minerals) to fund alternative economic/technologic growth strategies. This model utilize a Geographic Information System (GIS) approach and an interface to enable collaboration between stakeholders within regions to effectively negotiate the best plans for equitable development across the Kingdom.


My Contributions

  • Estimated the depletion of groundwater in the Riyadh region as irreplaceable natural capital.

  • Estimated the value of consumed water to Riyadh’s region GDP. 



Project Team Members


Principal Investigators

Adnan Alsaati

Kenneth Strzepek 

Olivier de Weck



Abdulaziz Alayadhi, Abdulaziz Alhassan, Aljohara Alfayez, Anna Turskaya, Jumana Almahmoud, Rawan Aloula, Sarah Fletcher

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